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"An outstanding book, so much information! And the photography is wonderful." -- Gail Cameron

"If you love wildlife, you will LOVE this book." -- Nancy Patch, Vice Chair and Co-Founder, Cold Hollow to Canada conservation partnership

"Excellent and exceptional in all respects, front to back!" -- Don Faulkner

Naturalist and Keeping Track founder Susan C. Morse has just updated and expanded her classic Wildlife and Habitats anthology. You'll find a wealth of fascinating new insights into animal behavior, plus even more of her award-winning photography.

Based on years of Sue’s writings for Northern Woodlands magazine
This new, 2021 edition describes in more detail than ever the habits and habitats of more than 25 species. In over 300 pages, its 96 articles delve deeply into wildlife behavior and communications. You'll also find easy tips, tricks and techniques to identify wildlife sign not just by tracks but also by the subtlest clues.

Conservation focused
Sue also describes in vivid detail the kinds of habitats wildlife needs to sustain healthy, diverse ecosystems. Artfully combining scientific fact with enlightening and entertaining stories, she draws on her vast experience in the North American wild, from Arctic tundra to the Everglades' "river of grass" to America's southwestern deserts and canyons.

This latest edition is almost 50% longer than the last one. And it belongs on your bookshelf and those of all the other wildlife lovers you know.

Even better
All books are autographed by Sue, and all proceeds go to Keeping Track and our work to inspire and guide people in conserving vital local habitats.

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308 pages
8-1/2 ” x 11”
3 lbs. 1-7/8 oz.
$45, U.S.-only shipping included

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Take a look inside Wildlife and Habitats:

Table of Contents
"Making Sense of Scent Marking"
"Bobcat Betrothals"
"Black Bear Babysitter Trees"
"When the Wolf Returns"
"Pronghorn Antelope -- An American Original"

More Praise for This Edition

"I absolutely love your new book. It's beautifully photographed and the writing is fascinating. Thank you for your dedication to wildlife on this planet." -- Car0lynn Schipa

"Wildlife biologist, habitat specialist and expert tracker Susan Morse distills over 45 years of observation and research into a useful, well-organized and stunningly beautiful collection of essays and photography, called Wildlife and Habitats. With clear, precise writing and her signature wit, Sue teaches us how to recognize and interpret wildlife signs, paying particular attention to the relationships between animal behavior and habitat. Wildlife and Habitats encourages and empowers us to find our own evidence and to make sense of a wide range of animal communication. An invaluable resource for educators, landowners and wildlife management consultants." ---Brick Moltz, former Education Director at The John Hay Estate at The Fells

"We love this book, so glad you published it." -- Bruce Davies

"I have told so many people about his book. I love the detail, the photos, the thoroughness. I just can't stop talking about it. I can't thank you enough for writing it and for doing what you do for wildlife and habitats." -- Betsy Dawkins

"Wildlife and Habitats has a permanent place of honor on my bookshelf. Susan Morse's profound knowledge of the wildlife of the Northeast and personable writing style have won her fans among generations of Northern Woodlands magazine readers." -- Elise Tillinghast, Executive Director/Publisher, Center for Northern Woodlands Education

"Love love love it and plan to give it as presents in the future." -- Jeanne Marie Nicklas

"This book will be something I refer to always." -- Gail Cameron

Review from the Vermont Woodlands Association newsletter

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Perennially popular items

Tracking Card - $10
Back in stock! This double-sided, 4.5"x7.5" waterproof card is full of information including accurate renderings of the tracks of 31 northern forest mammal species. For fast identification, tracks are divided into four movement categories: Walkers and Waddlers on one side; Hoppers and Bounders on the other. All include front and hind prints plus stride and straddle measurements. Attaches to backpack or keychain with sturdy ring.


Tracking Ruler - $12
This folding, multi-function ruler is designed to measure length and width of tracks & scat. Back side shows tracks of 19 species. English and metric scales. These can quickly go out of stock, so order yours today.



Mammal Track Bandana - 21" square - $12
Our Mammal Track Bandana depicts accurate renderings of the tracks of 20 native northeastern species on a blue background. Wear it around your neck, or tie it to your backpack. Makes a great gift! 





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