Inspiring and Informing Habitat Conservation That Works

Wildlife populations are under unprecedented pressures worldwide. And there is no greater cause of their decline than the fragmentation and destruction of their habitats.

It could be happening in your own community right now. Worse, no one probably even realizes that critical habitat is being harmed.

Keeping Track® can fill that knowledge gap. We’ve trained thousands of citizen volunteers and professionals to find and document signs of wildlife species. Small monitoring teams systematically collect data showing where and how wildlife are using the land.

Using this data and their knowledge gained through Keeping Track training, citizens join forces with professional natural resource managers and local land trusts to make more informed decisions about wildlife conservation needs. Agency officials, land trusts, regional planners and local boards use the information collected by Keeping Track monitoring teams to put limited conservation resources to their best use.

Keeping Track advances the cause of habitat protection in other ways, too. We run field workshops, conduct track and sign survey training, and deliver community and school presentations. Landowners, land trusts, agency officials, planners and local boards gain not only the information they need to conserve and improve wildlife habitat but also the public enthusiasm and support that is often essential to success.

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